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Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) is a unique program that is led by local volunteer councils that help people care for and protect their natural resources in a way that improves the local economy, environment and living standards. RC&D is a way for people to work together to plan and carry out activities that will make their areas a better place to live.

The Four Focus Areas of the Texas RC&D

  • Land Conservation - RC&D Councils work with local partners to identify, fund and complete land conservation projects of all types.
  • Water Management - RC&D Water Management Projects often create recreation opportunities that also create jobs and make communities more attractive to development.
  • Community Development - The NARC&DC provides training, coordination and communication services that help Councils in their community development projects. Assistance is provided to councils as they seek to strengthen their organization’s non-profit operations.
  • Land Management - The NARC&DC works with funding partners to make sure worthy projects find the financial assets they need to be successful. National staff continually updates councils on new opportunities for funding.

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